Burn Calories, Add Lean Muscle, Increase Metabolism and Slow Ageing – This is JUMPGA

It's a metabolic fitness program that increases fat burn at rest and during exercise and encompasses the five pillars of fitness: Cardio – Balance – Strength – Mobility – Flexibility.

You will experience the power and stamina that comes from high-intensity training but also the sense of focus, calm and flexibility from yoga postures – all in one 55-minute session.

The body is a system, not a set of individual parts. On a rebounder, you engage all 656 muscles in your body. You are bouncing against gravity, strengthening the muscles, bones, heart, and lungs. It also alleviates up to 80% pressure on the joints.

Rebounding produces molecular changes in muscle tissue, in the same way as going for a long run or lifting weights; thus, it provides the same fitness benefits of prolonged endurance training but in much less time.

Endorsed by Yoga Alliance Professionals, JUMPGA enables you to feel the benefits of the postures regardless of your flexibility, age or physical condition. Most important of all – you will have FUN!

Please don't say we didn't tell you!

Every Tuesday at 7pm.

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